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Bovenberg Wins Third Title at Sonoma.

Winner! Winner! The ARG/ MBO Motorsports Honda Civic SI #2 sponsored by SuperTech valves, Rota wheels, and Red zone Racing is the Championship winners of the 2020 United States Touring Car Championship season. The USTCC teams all showed up to Sonoma race for the final showdown to determine the championship.

The ARG/ MBO Motorsports team knew this weekend was crucial to winning the championship and they decided to roll the dice and take the conservative strategy approach. The #2 (Blue Deuce) Honda Civic SI driven by Pete Bovenberg had reached its maximum rewards rate of 275 pounds. Bovenberg said, “the #2 (Blue Deuce) Honda was incredibly hard to handle in the corners and was very slow down the straight. It felt like driving the family station wagon with the whole family in it.”

The Saturday qualifying session was up next and as the cars lined up for the qualifying session rain was felt and once again the team decided to play it safe and practice patience and wait.

The team decided to save everything for the race on Sunday. Sunday morning was a beautiful bright dry day and Journeyman driver Pete Bovenberg with his years of experience qualified the car with no problems, all the teams were keeping their eyes on the prize which was the afternoon race for the championship.

Once the green flag dropped the team knew they had the championship in the bag as Bovenberg proceeded to wheel the slow, overweight Honda #2 (Blue Deuce) to the checkered flag finishing in fourth position and solidified the championship victory.

“I am so grateful that with all these talented drivers and such a competitive field I have been able to win my third USTCC Championship,” said Bovenberg. “The crew did a great job making sure the car was always very completive and ready to go for me,” added Bovenberg.

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