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Tough weekend of racing

Milburn Motorsports had a tough weekend for Round 4 of USTCC 2021. On practice and qualifying for Saturday, they had the car dialed in and ready to go for the race on Sunday. Unfortunately for them, they started having transmission problems, and diagnosed it to be a differential that was starting to go out. They decided that it would be best to not run the car as to not do any further damage to it, but still aimed to be able to make the race the next day.

With a lot of motivation and determination, the Milburn Motorsports team got to work. They dropped the broken transmission in the paddock, and located another transmission through Pete Bovenberg, another driver in the USTCC who was kind enough to loan them his spare transmission. After a long night, and an early morning to wrap things up, the team was successful in swapping transmissions!

Their problems did not end there, however. Once they started to drive the car they noticed that it wouldn't go into fourth gear. With no other option, they opted to run the race without a fourth gear, which would end up putting them at a severe disadvantage. “We are just trying to get some points at this point. We are close for the championship, so we need to at least get a few laps out of the car” Tom Milburn said in an interview with him on Sunday.

Daniel Milburn, the driver of the car for the weekend, brought the car off the track before the green flag dropped. He stated that the car wouldn't go into gear, but he had very specific orders to at least do one lap with the car. There was some conflict within the team, and ultimately they ended up with a DNF for the race, putting them over 115 points behind for the championship. “Lots of things went wrong this weekend, with the car and with the team” Tom Milburn stated after the race. “We are really far behind now, but we plan to keep pushing to stay competitive”

We will see how this team is able to recover for the rest of the season.

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