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Technical Difficulties Prematurely End Reza Arsham’s Race

Willows,CA - After winning the season's inaugural race in the Wheels BMW M3, Reza Arsham was looking to continue form into the second race of the season. Arsham was able to drive his main car, the #32 Honda Civic Si, after rebuilding the engine between races due to a tireless effort from the team. Understandably so, Arsham had a slow start to the weekend as he focused on ensuring the car was working properly. Arsham was able to extract the pace from the car when it mattered, picking up 5 seconds to put the car on the front row of the grid in second qualifying for the race. When describing the lap Arsham said, “I knew I was going much faster than in practice because I was hitting the rev limiter in places where I wasn’t previously. I think we had a pretty big oil leak that slicked up my tire because coming through the final corner I lost all grip in the car and started to spin, but I just thought, I cannot lose this lap in the last corner, and floored it and slid onto the front straight and it ended up being just enough for the front row.” Just enough it was as Arsham’s 2:06.206 was exactly the same time as Daniel Milburn’s Acura RSX to the thousandth of a second. However, Arsham’s time was set before Milburn so he got to start in front of the Canadian. The race brought yet another rocket start for Arsham as he, yet again, led into the first corner over polesitter Pete Bovenberg. Arsham’s lead ended up being short-lived as Bovenberg’s experience was able to guide him past the inexperienced Arsham by turn 10. Arsham wasn’t going to go down without a fight as he was able to get a better run out of the final turn and onto the front straightaway to get past Bovenberg, but could not hold the move into turn one. The battle continued with David Vodden also getting involved, but Arsham’s Honda Civic went into protection mode before the second lap was up. High coolant temperatures meant the car’s built-in protection mechanisms limited the RPM to 6000, which in effect ended his race. Arsham is looking to solve the problems and get back to winning form at his home track in Sonoma in a few week’s time.

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