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Reto Baumann builds on a strong showing
USTCC Round 2 – Thunderhill Raceway Park

San Ramon, CA – Time to go racing again! Round 2 of the 2020 USTCC season is coming up at Thunderhill Raceway Park the weekend of August 1-2, 2020. Building on a strong showing across the classes competing in, RPM is looking forward to build upon the momentum and success from the season opener.

Reto Baumann – USTCC Round 2 Statement
“Despite a strong showing in the Super Touring (ST) class at the season opener, we found some issues with the car that needed addressing. Analyzing the data, we found that the heat of Buttonwillow aided to a ‘heat soak’ issue. We took measures to address this, together with having installed a dual pass oil cooling system. This should hopefully aid to keep performance level, as Thunderhill is again a weekend that is expected to be a hot one…
Further, after installing a new high-pressure fuel pump, our partner 034Motorsport worked their incredible magic on providing us with a new and more aggressive custom tune.
As always, with these targeted changes we strive for continued improvements in all areas. Now let’s go racing and see how we stack up to the competition this time around! It sure will be fun to get behind the wheel again. Has it really been that long already since the season opener mid-June?”

About Red Panther Motorsport (RPM)
A leading California based professional racing team. RPM competes in the Hankook Tires United States Touring Car Championship (USTCC) race series. For more information please see and visit and also like us on our social media channels.

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