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Milburn Makes it Two in a Row


Sonoma, CA – Sean Milburn made it two wins in a row at round 2 of the United States Touring Car Championship (USTCC). Milburn won the Touring Car class in his Milburn Motorsports BMW M3. Sportsman was won by Sean’s dad, Tom Milburn who was driving the Milburn Motorsports Acura RSX. Beau Borders won the Super Touring class in the Forgeline BMW 335i.

Sean Milburn had plenty of work to do as he had to start from second place as the Pun/Arsham team took away pole position in qualifying. At the start, Milburn took the lead but was passed at Turn 11 by the Pun/Arsham team’s Wheels Honda Civic Type R. The battle was on but eventually the Honda’s tires were overheated and opened the door for Milburn to make the pass. Larry Bani finished third in the Hermes BMW M3.

Sportsman became a two way battle between pole sitter Pete Bovenberg in the Rota wheels Honda Civic and Tom Milburn in the Milburn Motorsports Acura RSX. The two were door to door on several occasions but eventually Milburn pulled ahead while Bovenberg had transmission issues. Michael McColligan was debuting a new Honda Civic for the MC Racing team and he was excited to place the new car in second place in its first race. Becky Arsham returned to the series in the Konig Wheels Honda Civic and took third place.

Beau Borders had a great race and won the Super Touring class in the P2i Forgeline BMW 335i.

Making it hard on the teams is a tight summer schedule with the next race only two weeks away at Buttonwillow Raceway. It will separate the more capable teams to see who can get ready in a short time.

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