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Sean Milburn defeats Brad Austin in Las Vegas

Things really kicked off at round one of the 2021 season of the US Touring Car Championship at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Sean Milburn, driving the Bay Area Drafting Acura RSX-S, had a close battle against Brad Austin in the TNI Racing MX-5. Both drivers had the same goal in mind, to take him first place, and a strong start to the season.

After a strong qualifying run, Sean timed 0.9 seconds clear of the sportsman field. Sean felt that he had a very good shot at winning the race as long as the car held up. “We made a lot of changes to the cars setup over the winter off season. We got to test it out to make sure everything worked, and now we just have to hope everything holds up for the race” Sean stated after qualifying.

Starting from the pole position, he and Brad Austin got a great start off the line, and quickly caught up to the out of class cars in front of them due to some bad starts up ahead. With the advantage into turn one, Sean was able to maintain his lead in the sportsman class. But not without Brad’s constant challenge throughout the race.

Luckily for Sean, halfway through the race Brad spun behind him on the last corner before the main straightaway. Brad was able to recover, but lost a bunch of time in doing so. “That was a great race, Brad kept it really close. I got just the break I needed to get him off of my rear bumper. The mistake cost him a lot, and I was able to use that to take home the win” Sean told me after the race.

Sean Milburn, and Milburn Motorsports are feeling confident after this race, and are looking forward to round 2 in Fontana.

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