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Milburn Motorsports Overcomes Their Setback

In preparation for the USTCC 2022 season, Milburn Motorsports worked hard in their off season to make the season opener a competitive one. A month before the first round in the US Touring Car Championship, the Bay Area Drafting Acura RSX-S had a mechanical failure at Sonoma Raceway, putting the car into the outside wall at Sonoma Raceway.

The team worked diligently to make sure the car was repaired in time to participate in the race. Their primary driver, Sean Milburn, had some words to say about the incident. “The crash at Sonoma was heartbreaking. We put a lot of time into making the car competitive for the 2022 season, and to have an accident a month before the first race was the worst case scenario. The team did an excellent job with making repairs to the car, and thanks to lots of hard work and time we were able to make it this weekend. We have not had a chance to test the car yet, so we are going to have to figure it out as we go” Sean stated in an interview at the start of the weekend.

Milburn Motorsports made it to the start of the race on Sunday, where Sean Milburn started on the front row in second position, a great spot to be in a newly repaired car! Unfortunately for them, the Bay Area Drafting Acura RSX-S got stuck in fourth gear on lap four. We were able to talk with Sean about what happened after the race. “I tried to change gears, and the shifter felt like a wet noodle! I left it in fourth gear and kept going, but at that point I knew my race was over. We will figure out what went wrong, fix it, and come back even stronger for round two at Sonoma Raceway” He stated. We will follow up with the team next time, at round two of the US Touring Car Championship.

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