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Intensity has raised to another level

Race 1 takes place on Saturday with Chris Evertsen at the wheel. Getting to the race proved challenging with brake issues throughout practice, and repeated red flags ruined qualifying.

Starting near the back, the #37 Speed Traveler BMW got a good start and was able to make some early passes. The on track action was incredible, and we battled with our competitors Hammer & Nail throughout the race, which went green to checkered without any yellow flags. At the end we placed 5th and took sole possession of the Championship lead.

Charlie Frank will be in the #37 Speed Traveler BMW for race number 2 Sunday afternoon.

Big shoutout to Raymond and David, and everyone else who keep the #37 Speed Traveler BMW turning laps every weekend.

Up next is Buttonwillow Raceway Park October 15-16, 2022

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