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photogallerybackdrop.jpg Honda Civic Type R development continues.

Willows, CA - In only the second race weekend for the new Honda Civic Type R, Team managed to find the top step of the podium and take the car’s maiden victory.
The weekend was not without trouble as the team worked hard to optimize the cooling package
on the car. The cooler temps compared to Round 1 at Las Vegas helped bring the car alive and
allowed both drivers, Reza Arsham and Gordon Pun to explore the limits of the car further. Not
all the sessions were flawless however, the team only managed a couple laps on Saturday due
to a radiator hose coming loose during a practice session. Despite a few small hiccups along
the way, the team got the car ready for qualifying on Sunday and managed their quickest lap of
the weekend thusfar, a 2 minute 3 second lap, not blistering fast, but respectable for the car in
it’s current state. The small field in ST meant that the lap was good enough for pole position,
with the competitors also having car troubles of their own.

Gordon Pun made his first start this season in the Type R and after a good start he found
himself battling with Fred Snow’s Hyundai Genesis Coupe. The two had a fair and gentleman
like battle for the majority of the race. In the end, it was Gordon and the Type R that crossed the
line ahead to take the victory in the ST class. Large upgrades are expected for the team before
the next round so the car will be able to challenge at the front of the ST field consistently.

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