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Gary Sheehan Dominates at Sonoma Raceway, Securing Pole Position and Race Victory

Sonoma Raceway, CA - May 6th, 2023 - Gary Sheehan, driver of the #31 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8L for Racing, showcased an impressive performance in the US Touring Car Championship race
number three at Sonoma Raceway. Sheehan claimed both the pole position in qualifying and the race victory, solidifying his position as a leading contender in the championship.

During the qualifying session, Sheehan and his team successfully resolved the car's issues from the previous race weekend, resulting in much improved balance. "The car was finally working well again! We found a few issues during the break between races, and the balance was much better. I was able to find some clean laps and just focus on hitting my marks and getting out of the corners as hard as I could. It was good enough for us to get the pole!" said Sheehan.

At the race standing start, Sheehan got a strong launch, passing the front row of ST class cars heading into
turn 2. However, a mis-shift from 3rd gear to 4th, instead of 2nd gear, hurt Sheehan’s acceleration out of the
corner, allowing Sean Milburn to capitalize on the misstep and seize the lead. Sheehan engaged in a thrilling
battle with Milburn, which different parts of the track showing each car’s unique strengths.. Around the halfway mark, Milburn’s BMW suffered a suspension failure, ending the fight prematurely and handing the lead back to Sheehan. "It was a good battle with Sean for several laps, and I was able to make up some ground in the corners while Sean would gap me on the straights. Unfortunately for him, an issue with his suspension forced him to retire. From there, it was all about taking care of the car to bring home the win!," explained Sheehan.

With this win, Sheehan extends his lead in the 2023 Touring Car Championship. Looking ahead to the next
race at Sonoma Raceway on August 20th, Sheehan and the team have ample time to further enhance the
car's performance. "We have a big lead in the 2023 Touring Car Championship. The next race is another
seven weeks away, at Sonoma Raceway again, which gives us the opportunity to continue to make
improvements to the car. We are really hoping for a repeat at Sonoma next race," expressed Sheehan with

For more information about Gary Sheehan and Racing, please visit the US Touring Car
Championship website at

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