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Brad Austin extends his points lead with a victory at Laguna Seca once again!

Round 5
Brad Austin extends his points lead with a victory at Laguna Seca once again! Qualifying second to start the race on Saturday, Brad was still in a great position to have a battle at the front of the pack and a shot at the podium. With an outstanding start at the green flag, Brads Mazda MX5 was hot on the heels of Gary Sheehan in his TC class Hyundai Genesis.

After the yellow flags resulting from a disabled car on track, the rest of the SP class was right on his tail once again. But Brad never let up. With a few key passes on slower cars, he was able to distance himself once again from the field to take a relatively uncontested win in sportsman class. Next up, round 6 will be on sunday just after the IndyCar race at Laguna Seca.

Round 6
Brad Austin pulls ahead during qualifying with a pole position finish! Starting the race in P2 in the group but P1 in his class, Brad had a tough class of fast cars to deal with. He ran away at the drop of the flag and everything was looking to be another successful race until disaster struck, the fuel light came on with 7 laps to go.
Brad had nearly a 30 second lead and tried his best to conserve fuel but there was too much race left to make it. The car starved just past the start/finish with only 2 laps to go and Brad pulled off track only to watch his competition pass him a half lap later.
But Brad wasnt done yet. When the white flag came out, he restarted his engine and limped up the hill to the corkscrew, only to have the engine die at the top of the hill. Heading down the other side, he got the engine started one last time to push down the hill and coast through the checkered flag barely keeping third place. Two podiums for the weekend, narrowly missing a disaster! Great finish for TNI Racing!

Next up is round 7 at Buttonwillow Raceway Oct 16-17, see you there!

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