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By filling out the form you understand the following conditions:
1. There are no refunds or credits.
2. You are obligated to pay full fee for the entire year.
3. If you fail to make the payment by the deadline, you will lose the balance of your fees. If you then make a subsequent race, you will have to pay the race by race fee. 
4. Failure to make it to a race means you will pay as if you had attended the race.
5. The fee is not transferable, except to your registered co-driver.
6. You will not get a reminder notice for your payment. However, you can leave your card number on file if you wish for auto payment.
Deadlines are as follows:
Payment 1. March 31, 2019
Payment 2. June 1, 2019
Payment 3. July 26, 2019
2019 entry fee table.jpg
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