2021 Virtual - Final

Announcing the 2021 Virtual Season
The schedule is as follows:
Round 1-2.  January 28
Round 3-4.  February 4
Round 5-6. February 11
Round 7-8. February 18
Round 9-10. February 25
(More may be added)
All rounds start at 7 pm pacific time
General rules:
-20 minute practice, random order qualifying, two 30 minute races on default set up.
-Race location will be announced at 5pm on the day of the race on USTCC Facebook page.
-Damage will be on so be careful not to hit anything.
-Some sessions will be in wet weather.
-Standing start.
-All races in daytime.
-Track limit rules will be enforced.
-Each driver must register to select their car livery at least 24 hours prior to start of practice
-Registration is $50 for the season, per driver.
-Cash prizes from The Speed Traveler
-Game used is Project Cars 2 (available on Steam for $59.99)
-Cars will be in the Touring Car class.
-Car choices are 2012 BMW 320 TC, 2016 Opel Astra TCR (if you buy the motorsport pack), 2016 Mercedes-AMG A45 Touring, 2016 Renault Megane RS Touring.

Register below. Deadline is 24 hours prior to start of each practice.
Registration is simple and easy